Lock/hang on stand preference


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i am looking to purchase a lock on ladder and hang on stand for this season, maybe two. I have never used one and wondered if anyone had any preferences.
For ladder stands, I have used Big Game stands. I can usually find them on sale and always buy the 2-person style because they have so much more room.
For loc-on stands, the most comfortable stand I have ever hunted from was the Millenium stand. I don't personally own one(cuz I'm cheap:D) but if I were buying another one, it would likely be one of them. You can also buy additional hanging brackets so you can hang multiple brackets and simply carry in your stand(very light) and hang it when you climb up.
Gorilla which is now hawk and muddy are what I have and like both. Don't own a ladder so can't help there.
I'm running 25' River's Edge connect-n-climb ladders up to Millennium loc ons (m50 and M100s) mostly. Life lines in every setup. Bought a few Hawk treestands this year to try and still have a ton of Big Game ladder stands.
+1 for Millennium M100. I have 5 bases for it (and they have a chain:D), awesome semi lock on. Super comfortable.
I have switched to Ol Man ladder stands. The Bowlite model. Mainly for the ease of setting them myself. They are light-weight and low profile for a ladder. Two ratchets and a good sized platform. Comfortable too . I probably won't buy another hang-on again.

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Buying a couple Millenniums this year. My old lock on's were just not that comfortable and I'm getting old.
Another millennium fan. I use the 100 dad uses 50. We have our sets so we pack our preferred stand with us.
I use Millennium M150's. I have five sets that I have set that I use the chain on. all you have to do is tote your superlite stand in and slide it in. Always use the lifeline. Most comfortable stands made. I can sit all day. I like to use the lock on because they are very easy to hid in the tree-offers great concealment and the tree doesn't have to be perfect.
I have several different brands. My favorite ones came from Academy Sports. I don't remember the name but it is their brand. Maybe Gamewinner? They are aluminum with a seat similar to a Millennium without the back. Very lightweight and easy to hang. I lucked up and found them on sell in the middle of the summer for $25 each. I bought all that they had.
How much are you able/willing to spend? How far will you have to carry the stand? Are you taking it up/down constantly? Or does it go up for the season and stay there? And how long do you usually sit on an average sit before climbing down?

I'm primarily a public land hunter, so my hang-on stands go up and down with me everytime I go into the woods, and I often walk a mile or more to my tree. As a result, I consider weight to be a huge issue. But quality lightweight stands are NOT cheap. I use a Lone Wolf stand that weighs in at about 11.5 pounds. But for my more permanent stands I use older Gorilla chain-on stands. Still a very small footprint (18x24" base). Also, if you endure long sits some stands are more comfortable than others (think Millenium) and can be worth their weight in gold.

My ladder stands, when I use them, have historically been the cheaper Dick's/Academy/Menards (same ladder, but branded differently per the store) ladder stand. It's a 15' with a mesh metal platform on top. It's lightweight (for a ladder) and easy to put up, but not the most comfortable. Some of the sling-seat style ladders are infinitely more comfortable.
For all the Millennium guys out there, I only have had the ratchet strap cam reciver bracket, how do you like the chain one?
I did buy a Hawke for my daughter last year, but Millennium is my loc on stand of choice all day every day!
For all the Millennium guys out there, I only have had the ratchet strap cam reciver bracket, how do you like the chain one?

I have the chains. Very secure and won't degrade with sun and weather exposure. However you have to loosen them or take them down at end of season. If the tree grows you can usually get a strap off but the chain is impossible if it gets too tight. I've had to cut a few of them off and just put a new link in.