Little help please

A mature buck at least 4 but maybe 5. He will score in the mid to high 130s gross - but I can't see the rack really well in those pics. Good luck with him.
Nice buck. 3-4 yo. No swag in back, no pot belly. Still just a little delineation between neck and body. Leaning toward 4. But night pics can be deceiving. 132 3/4!!! Good luck.
Like every mature buck in my neck of the woods, He’s nocturnal. But maybe he’ll slip up in November. Thanks guys! I’m not good at age/score so I appreciate the insight.

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A bruiser of a body with a very nice rack that looks like it should be a little heavier to match the body. It'd be helpful to know what area you are in, and what diet this buck has available. I'm leaning towards a farmland setting with plenty of protein.
He’s got all the acorns, chestnuts, persimmons, plums, greenbrier, clover, honeysuckle and other browse he wants. Genetics here are not great. He’s about as big as we’ve had on camera in 15 years. 95 percent are same as this buck. Straight 8 with smallish brow tines. Between the blue ridge and Allegheny in sw Va.

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Still, that's not a bad rack considering the poor genetics. There's areas with poor genetics that can't grow much more than 100 inches.
He definitely looks mature to me. Hard to say exactly so I’m going to go with 4yo+. As far as score goes, based on ears and the pictures

Gross - 127
G1 - 4
G2 - 8
G3 - 7
H1 - 5
H2 - 4
H3 - 4
H4 - 3
MB - 19
Spread - 19