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Hey guys, I haven't been on the board in a while but have been browsing around again today. AC had asked me to talk about my lease a little so I thought today would be a good day to start.
I lease 1250 acres in Meriwether County Ga, it is an archery only lease and I've had it since 2007. When it first started we probably had maybe 5 acres of plots, just the logging decks from past timber harvests and we supplemental fed a few tons that first summer also, through a lot of sweat and work from a lot of good members over the years we have upped our plots to about 40 acres and we normally feed around 30 tons of protein from late winter until early August with the exception of turkey season so that our turkey hunters are legal.
The club that had the property before us found out they were losing the lease and I was told they killed 40+ bucks off of it in 2006. We have a minimum gross score of 125" on our S tract and a 135" minimum on our N tract by the landowners request so needless to say we didn't have many shooter bucks the first few years, we actually didn't kill a buck off of the property until our 4th season but with our trigger management, added nutrition and reduced pressure on the property we have created a pretty good palce to hunt.
Here are some of the bucks we have killed in the last few years and a couple that got away...
If any of you guys are members of the GON forum you may have seen these so I apologize if you have.


And one that I had at 25 yds and couldn't close the deal on...



An ancient management buck with lots of character.

And a beautiful 4 year old buck that my wife passed, I got over a minute of video of him and here are a couple of screen shots from the video.













Good stuff David. It's amazing to see what age will do for producing huge bucks. You guys certainly doing it right at Little Creek. Thx for sharing.
Awesome bucks! While I enjoyed them all the ancient buck is my favorite. There is just something about an old buck like that.

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