Little biscuit action prior to rabbit hunt

Thx Dave! It ain't all about deer hunting. Small game is a boat load of fun, particularly when the dogs are top notch. With the deer season getting longer and longer down here, small game hunting has really declined in terms of the guys that run dogs.
I need your address so I can buy a place beside you and I can be your meal friend. Trust me, my ass ain't never been late for a meal like that.
Dang dogghr. Shoulda sent you the tract that just got auctioned that joins my on my southwest corner. Even had a 3 bedroom brick ranch on it. We'd have all the world problems solved in not time!
My mouth is watering. Must've lost my invite. Just kidding. But you seem to have a culinary touch.
Menn - Been making those things since I was a senior in high school. Took a bachelor cookery class just to kill some time in school and we had to make biscuits. Married my high school sweetheart a few years later and first time she tried to make biscuits I told her I'd take over that role going forward. Worked out good for all of us!

Funny thing about biscuits...They are about the easiest thing to make but for whatever reason, intimidating to those that don't make em including all of my kids. None of em make em. But then again...why should they as long as Pops is around? ;)