Leaves and throw and mow


I've never done T&M but am planning to do so next year with a couple of plots where I have a difficult time getting in my machinery. I was looking at one the other day and I realized I have a lot of leaf drop on that field. Oak leaves. Will that affect me next Spring when I go in and start to do T&M? Just wasn't sure how the seed will make good contact with the soil unless I do something about the leaves. To be clear...they aren't piled up or anything...but there's a decent amount covering the ground. Thank you
I'm guessing fall leaves will be pretty decomposed by spring planting up north where you are. Deal with it in spring if a problem. I never remove organic matter without a compelling reason.
Thank you and Matt I thought the same thing after I posted this and was back in that field. I thought well I don't recall having a leaf problem in the spring/summer so not sure why I'm worried about that now. Just looks like so many now it threw me off.