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I have one small plot and a bunch of bare spots to fill I thought I would do a little LC grain mix, I left my local co op with 50lbs of Winter Rye, 60lbs of winter wheat, and 50lbs of 50/50 peas and oats. Not his exact mix but i didn't figure it would hurt too much. How does everyone suggest I go about it, my only other experience with cereal grains involved me spreading them entirlly too thin. I figure I could see seed so I thought that was enough but apparently you put it on thick. Should I spread it individually or mix it all together? What kind of pounds per acre should I aim at? I am doing maybe and acre total so I think I have more than enough seen. Thanks
I would till the ground, spread all your seed, then lightly till in to try and get the seeds buried a bit. Good luck! That mix will definitely work!
All those can be spread together. Are you just over seeding or are you working the ground?

75# of that mix per acre would be about right-if you just mix them all together .

It will be in a few places, the main area is a 1/4 acre maybe. I could fire up the tractor but I already have it sprayed, I was going to throw,mow, and roll. I think more of the soils are around 6 the bigger one is a little loam while the others lean twords sand, but they are just filling in on established plots.

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I would throw and mow that with confidence except for the peas. Some will do fine but they really do better in the soil rather than on it in my experience.
Here is the product of that throw and mow, I think, I guess I am not sure what these plants look like at a young stage.