Late fawns


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Just got this on camera...


Anyone else have late fawns?


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Momma was probably a fawn that got bred in January or later. Biologists say weight, and not age, determines when a doe breeds. Bucks, like most guys, are ready until their "horns" fall off......;):D
I had one like that last year. She had spots into October. She was also abandoned by her mother or her mother was killed sometime during the summer. Always by herself. As she was orphaned I called her "Annie". She would try to hang with other mommas but they had nothing to do with her. If I were near the field where she hung out and making a racket somehow or hammering on a stand, she would always come out into the field just to see who came to visit. It almost seemed like she was lonely. After her spots faded I could no longer tell her from the others. No idea if she made it but I kept her fed well enough.