Late corn fertilizing


as mentioned before, I have a spotty corn patch with some decent corn. I have not fertilized it and I know it needs something. I have roughly an acre or so, part of which I'm going to be planting brassicas so I will be adding nitrogen for them anyway, would it be ok to broadcast spread some urea in my corn plot? There's no way this could hurt? Any other recommendations?
How tall is your corn/what stage is it at?

Corn loves nitrogen and to a lesser degree sulfur, so urea or ammonium sulfate would most likely give it a big boost, but you could burn it some if applied incorrectly.
Pictures would help and cutman is right .... you could do more damage than good. At this time of the year, nitrogen sitting on top of the ground will volatize and you'll lose some of it. It would need to be done just ahead of a rain.
Exactly as Cutman said, we need to know the stage, a picture would be extremely helpful. Depending on the stage, you may be too late and it has cannibalized itself already.

Spreading dry N will tend to do some burning of leaves and anywhere the fertilizer gets caught up in the joints. But its worse in smaller corn. And as FamerD said, with the heat, the N will volatize pretty quickly, in a perfect world, you would spread it, get a fairly strong wind to get as much of the fertilizer out and off the plants and then a good soaking rain within 24hrs or less, worse case would be a light sprinkle, then hot and dry again, that's a recipe for major N loss.