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Bring the bread and I'll take care of the rest.

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WOW. Some beautiful Arkansas tomatoes there MH. I will be right there.
Have enjoyed some great Cherokee Purple maters this year and made more friends with deliveries across the Lake.
Funny vines have about cooked, with just a few stragglers holding on. My wife's daughter and family are due in Thursday. My son and his family due in Sunday. ALL LOVE the Alabama tomatoes. I have a few but not prime like two weeks ago.
Well, I stop at downtown Farmers Market this morning for peaches and saw this table LOADED with beautiful heirloom tomatoes. I said "These are Cherokee Purple. Where'd you get them" Lady replies "From the Amish in Lawrenceburg Tenn, just across the state line"
I said "I am going to save some seed from these". So here they are, and I may go back Thursday morning and get some more.
She also had me taste a Cherokee Green (yes ripe as green) and a Jerusalem (supposedly seed from Israel).
My wife and I plan to visit Lawrenceburg, Tenn at some point. I must say, these are prettier than anything I have grown. Will see how the taste compares to my Barnyard Heirlooms.

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Well, since you're good on tomatoes, as suspected, maybe I should head that way with a couple lbs of bacon.

The ones in the picture are Church and one Black from Tula. A guy from Michigan sent me a ton of tomato and pepper seed in exchange for apple scions.

I just worked off this morning and plan on canning some up!

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