Kaleo Hills-Property tour

Skiing was love/hate here this year. Early start of season but warm periods w rain would screw things up. Slopes stayed open until April amazingly. Made it a couple times.
I never wore a helmet skiing … which could explain lots!!

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I never wore a helmet as a kid, or ever saw anyone wearing one. Now pretty much everyone has a helmet on, probably a good thing.

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Spring has sprung in the mountains, big difference compared to a month ago. Crimson clover is in full bloom.



We had a freeze warning last week, I’m not sure how many of our apples were impacted. This NWC droptine crab (2017) is loaded.



I’ve been considering opening up a ridge point adjacent to the area turkeys prefer on the neighbors. My other neighbor finished clearing it this week. It’s “roughed in” for now but will require some labor this summer/fall. I put 50 pounds of oats and 5 pounds of clover down, mainly to keep soil in place.




We planted several bare root white pine and Fraser fir on the east end of the plot.


It was a quick trip that ended with a successful turkey kill, my sons first.




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Quick trip over the weekend to fish. I sprayed this plot and broadcast 100 pounds of BW on .6 acre. First time spraying in the spring, attempting to get some perennial weeds under control.


New “turkey plot” is greening up. It will take some work but I think this will draw turkeys across our border more regularly.



Small ridge plot with mature cereal grain.


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Sprayed gly and 2,4-d two weeks ago with no rain in the forecast. Looks like we should get ~1” Sunday-Monday. Time to get seed on the ground!


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I think you are going to get plenty of rain from the hurricane brewing in the gulf. I think I’m going to get it too!
Just hope this joker doesn’t eat all the seed! Spent a few hours out there the day after I planted. I’m sure the AWP’s are long gone.


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Got to see the property six days after planting. Took the whole family up for a short camping trip and to talk to our builder. Should be starting a cabin soon.

Pretty good start on most of the plots. This was my first time applying 2,4-d with gly and it made a significant difference.



Put up an exclusion cage, first time since a bear destroyed the last one a few years ago.


Camping activities



Cutleaf cone flower


I won’t be back until October

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Great fall plot started there, hopefully you get some timely rains. being a builder I'm interested in seeing pics of the cabin.

It’s been a dry and warm week after the initial inch or so at planting. However, there is another inch in the four-day forecast for our area.

I’ll post cabin pictures once it gets going. Basically a one bedroom with an open floor plan and a loft that we’ll likely add onto in the coming years.

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I just got up to our house in Flat Rock, NC. I love the mountains in NC.

That’s a cool area. I loved driving through Flat Rock when I was a kid. We’d always stop at the Carl Sandburg house and look at the giant bass in the pond!

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Spent the last four days camping on our property. Early season hunting, fishing, planting, and other property chores.

This little guy showed up early. I was having fun taking pictures and video when a target deer showed up.



Success just 45 minutes into my 23’ season!

I spent the next few days hunting other spots and had does in bow range every sit but ended up with one for the week.

It’s been very dry since early September. I added 100 pounds of cereal grains to our biggest plot. The deer are in there day and night.


I snuck in a little fishing nearby.



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Another hunt update.

I spent a few days in the mountains last week chasing the cold front and hoping it might get some of the bucks up and moving. Our peak breeding is about a week behind the northern deer but the bucks often start daylighting in scrapes around the first week of November.

Day one, 17F at daybreak. A crisp clear beautiful November morning.



I was set up over a mock scrape about 40 yards from a NRO that was still dropping. Almost every deer I saw made an appearance at that oak, deer fed under that tree until 11.

This little buck put on a show. I watched him make a rub nearby then he made an appearance at the scrape.


After 11 hours on stand, I couldn’t help myself when this doe presented a close shot.


Plots are lip level!


Wet a line.



I hope to catch up with a nice buck next time!

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