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So I have had to do some social distancing as of late as I have had a recent positive covid test. I was contact traced on Tuesday to an event on Monday....and felt bad (like a nasty cold and sinus infection) wed & thurs. As such I have been out on the tractor most of the day today....pulling cards, spreading some seed and just checking on things. Staying away from the wife and kids and able to take this dang mask off...

#1 - trail cams....well, if my son ever went to trial based on the evidence he left on my tractor the other week.....this pretty much sends him up the river!
look at this guy.jpg

#2 - Ever had one of those...Oh #@$% moments with your trail cam cards? I know I pulled all 4, but I only had 3 in my pocket when I got home. And which one was missing??? The one where I had been seeing some nice bucks previously! So the other 3 cards where pretty uneventful and simply shows that I have some very odd racks out there this year in the younger deer that need to out grow that.

#3 - One good thing was that it appears that my verbal abuse towards my fruit trees was not a waste. I have a group of big box store trees that have struggled and I have cursed at them, spit on them and even threatened them with the chainsaw! I had one tree that had NEVER produce an apple before and even it spit out a handful! This one even bent a limb to ensure the deer could reach them....suck up! Nobody likes a kiss-ass!!
yelling at trees.jpg

#4 - I did sentence a young ash tree to die....by hopefully being rubbed to death. It was in a good spot, and I left it stick out just to see if the deer will take the bait....hopefully I can see it being thrashed from my blind and thus he will give his presence away even sooner!

#5 - I have a white oak tree (old mature tree) that seemingly now wants to be a swamp white oak! I had never seen this before, but I found 2 or 3 places where there seems to be new leaves that look not like the others.... It is so different I thought maybe I had a sapling growing up into the other tree....I double and triple checked that this was not the case. You can even see the difference in the leaf colors...so I am not sure what is going on. It has never been a great producer as it is, but it's one of the few I have....maybe it has covid...I don't know!
mixed up oak.jpg


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I like your sons tractor attachments. That pic is certainly framable in more ways than one.


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Been away for a bit….
Lost my job on the 17th…
went on vacation…. Key largo
Found out my new job I had lined up is pulling their offer due to schedule fluctuations caused by the logistics nightmare we are seeing.

good news I did have a good cam card pull
I am 100% certain he is the same buck I saw last November and had to pass on…


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Hope the job situation works out for you; tough times could be coming for us all economically. We need some major change in DC!!!


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Hope the job situation works out for you; tough times could be coming for us all economically. We need some major change in DC!!!
I have been the job thing before. What sucks is the company is sending even white collar jobs to Mexico. The supply chain mess has the automotive industry all messed up right now and that is having a big impact here in the Midwest where most of our manufacturing is tied to the auto biz. I’ll be fine, just frustrated….


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Sorry to hear about the job issue. I am glad I decided to go self employed when I did in 2019 as it seems there is no lack of want for dozer work and brushhogging so far...people staying home with government cash all of a sudden decide to do things around the place. Only problem is maintenance on the equipment...dozer is in the shop with a stripped torque converter and lost a driveshaft on the Brushhog a couple days back but got it repaired today and going to work with it tomorrow...dozer should be done this time next week they said.

On the loss of cards I have done that as well...pull 5 and get home with 4...frustrating...


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Cards, headlamps, ammo, the list is long of things I have misplaced. That buck looks like an extra year must have done him good. Good luck there this fall with deer and the job situation.


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So I have been away for a while, and this past fall was brutal.

So I lost my job back in October - they sent the work to Mexico. They paid me into November as part of the severance deal which was OK, but, I was hired at one place and they backed out at the last minute. They gave me covid during the interview process as well. So I was out pounding the pavement. We had 2 family dogs put down within a month and a half of each other and things in general just went to shit. Deer hunting wasn't as productive as I had hoped....we didn't see a shooter buck in daylight all season.

But the good news is that I have landed in a job I like that is close to home...and we have a new 4 legged addition (corgi pup) to the family as well. The kids are all good and so far 2022 hasn't been so bad for me. Now that thigs seem to be getting back to some sense of "normal" hopefully I will be more active here as well.

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Congrats on the new job and pup. Good to hear you post again. Hopefully this new gig is better than the last one!

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