It's that time!- Shed hunting

Ever turn a dog loose on your place to find any in the harder places to get?

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As a matter of fact, I found one tonight.

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We have too much snow to find any now, and the forecast is calling for 8"-12" today. Probably won't be until early spring now before I can do any shed hunting.
Great sheds guys! I lucked across one back on Jan 1 but my cameras are showing most of the bucks still holding so I haven't looked yet. I will get after them hard in a couple of weeks, I enjoy shed hunting almost as much as hunting!

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My assistant found another one this weekend. This one obviously from last year on a buck that is 9 or 10. We have tried shooting him the last 3 years with no luck.IMG_3727.JPG
With all the rains down south lots of flooding going on. Several hundred acres under water here. Found this one before this field became an
island. G3 at the kicker is broken off

I found this one yesterday. It's pretty disappointing when he is your best buck of the year and he barely breaks 110". This antler was just under 48".
That antler looked slightly larger when it was attached to his head.
A neighbor wounded him in October and I had him at 23 yards at the end of our late bow season. I wonder if he'll put on any inches next year, they don't always get bigger each year.
Hope he's still around to see if he improves.

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