Is it warm where you are?


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It has been very warm this week...68 Monday, 68 Tuesday, 70 Wednesday, 74 today, 74 tomorrow...I have seen trees starting to bud!
Yes indeed. In 50s now for couple days but has been very cold till today. Ski resorts near me have been open for a week.
Even grilled venison burgers tonight.


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Let’s just say it doesn’t feel much like deer hunting weather. I can’t hunt for making doctors rich(er) anyway ! Colonoscopy and EGD today, ultrasound next week on my bladder, ultrasound after that on my prostate. No cause for alarm (I hope), just got a new doctor who wants to see if everything this old buzzard has still works. Time consuming nevertheless.
Geez, trees budding out and dandelions growing like crazy and wasp are swarming! Turned AC back on ready for winter!
warm here in WI been in 30s low 40s for past week above normal no doubt....however, talking negatives on monday....looks like might be calling in sick!