Iron Clay Peas with JD 7000?

Wolf Bayou

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Hello, has anyone planted Iron & Clay Peas with a JD7000 planter? If so, what was your feed cup set up and planting rate?

The soybean cups on mine are dropping 200 lbs per acre with iron clay peas and I am trying to get it to 40-50 lbs.acre. I have a 20 to 30 tooth sprocket combo and I dont know if they don't make a big enough sprocket (120 tooth?) set up to cut the seed rate down to 20-25% of current rate. There must be a better feed cup to use that will more effectively lower rate?

Do you have a full transmission on your planter? Without having a manual in front of me I'd just roll the tire 3 times or so and count your seed that comes out and divide by 4 to get your desired rate. Then swap gears and see if you can get close to that. It may take a few times but it's a start.
Mine was cut down from a larger one and does not have a full transmission. I have one gear combo; 20 tooth on the front to a 30 tooth on the back. According to the manual that should deliver approximately 60 lbs/acre of soybeans however when I way the seed from 20 wheel revolutions I calculate 177 lbs/acre. Iron and clay comes through at 205 lbs/acre. I found a 116 tooth sprocket I can order which should lower to about 44 lbs for beans and 51 lbs for iron and clay. I may try that and I may also purchase a milo cup and try running the peas through that..
Thanks for sharing. I find the numbers to be way off with my set up and I read in some other forums where other people have reported them being way off from the chart. Most people recommend throwing away the bean cups and buying bean meters but I am not wanting to spend +100 per row at this point I am going to try tripling my driven sprocket and cutting back on the driver sprocket.