Invasive shrubs- winter strategy possible?


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Reading the thread on “what would you have done differently” a comment stood out about fighting invasive plants while there was a chance.

We are starting to see more autumn olive and honeysuckle (and some thorny locust).

I want to wage an all out war against these. I’m wondering: IS THERE A WAY TO DO THIS EFFECTIVELY IN WINTER MONTHS?

Or, is it best to wait until spring when they start growing? I know I can hack them back now, just not sure if they can be killed?

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Chemicals! I have great luck basal spraying in the winter, or cut and spray in the winter. If you don't use chemicals most will root/stump sprout in the spring.
What chemicals?

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Gly for most stuff works. When doing gly I like to cut the trunks down to ground level and then use a paint brush to paint the stump with straight gly.
For basal I'm using Remedy Ultra mixed with diesel. I'm using this on tough stuff like locust. Either do like I described above, or just spray it on the bottom 6 inches of the truck. It will be dead come spring.
I use Remedy Ultra on Locust because gly doesn't work (Remedy is expensive). When I cut Locust and spray or paint with gly it will root sucker like a Medusa and create thicket around the stump I killed. It doesn't do that with Remedy.

I don't have experience with Olive or Honeysuckle.
20% gly applied at cutting with honeysuckle and autumn olive will control it I have yet to see a survivor. Get a cheap 1/2 gallonquirt sprayer it will last you until you are tired of cutting

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I do a LOT of this year round, and even when leafed out and foliar spraying is an option I basal spray on anything bigger than pencil diameter. Always get a good kill, with no stump sprouting and I get a LOT more done/hour of work.
As long as you don't need to actually remove the carcass of the dead shrub/tree, I don't see a reason to actually cut/treat and work that hard, or burrow in there and get cut up/scratched by the shrub, when you can just get close enough to give it a zap all the way around. Foliar spraying, I always get a little bit that stays green, or stump sprouting from the larger clumps/trees. Basal is always a slam dunk for me.
I either use 1:3/ Tryclopyr /Diesel, or on sites where I am required NOT to use Diesel I use a product called JBL oil. Same deal, at the same rate. I usually order my Tryclopyr on or wherever I can google for that active ingredient and get it cheaper. Tiny stuff with high stem count, I'll use a 5% Tryclopy / water top dressing the leaves, around June.

If tackling a large site/property I just don't see how I could keep up with it/eradiate it pecking away at it cutting and treating the stumps, or re spraying clumps that I didn't get a total kill when I foliar spray.

Just my observations/experience from the methods I have tried :)
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I killed 10,000 woody plants in Iowa cut stump 20% gly (40% gly mixed 50/50 with water), mostly during winter. I actually used max 48% and a couple of habitat seasons I squirt 10 gallons out of my Jack bottle.