Introduce yourself

Hello Everyone, My name is Jeff, I am a 61yo retired firefighter, and a born-again Christian. I manage about 300 acres in South Central Kentucky. While I am new to this forum I have been hunting and trying to practice QDM for going on 30 years in the South. I have primarily used the disc, spread and cover methods and had good success, but I just recently finally purchased a no-till drill and will be trying it out this spring. I have been involved with the Chestnut reintroduction in my area for 20 years now and also trying to plant heirloom varieties of fruit and nut trees on the property. I am no expert, but have a lot of trial and error experience, so I am hoping you guys can help cut down on some of that with the no-till drill..... I will be asking soon..
Welcome to the site. I’m very interested to see how the Saya works out for you. I, too, am in South Central KY and assume that you and I would have similar soils. I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting one of these but haven’t come to grips giving up my disk just yet. Please keep us posted.