Inoculant for Summer Legume Mix


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My summer food plot program includes 6 acres of legumes. This year I have 600 lbs of cowpeas, 50 lbs sunn hemp, and 50 lb of black oil sunflowers so a mix of 100 lbs cowpeas, 8 lb sun hemp, and 8 lb sunflowers per acre. I plan on no tilling this mix into a rye/clover mix that was corn last year.

I've planted a similar mix before, but I've never inoculated it. I plan on changing that this year, and that is the purpose of this thread. It took me awhile to figure which inoculant to use and where to get it:

2 packs inoculates 100 lb of seed, so I need 14 packs for about 50 bucks. Anyone else planting something similar, and do you plan on inoculating it?
If you've never planted a seed type that required the EL inoculant, it makes sense to include it with those cowpeas.
Thanks. Would the EL be different than what I linked to in the first post? I figured they were the same thing just called something different due to marketing. I don't see the need to use 2 different products...would one be better than the other?
Although inoculant is cheap and a good reason to use it, if, for example, you apply it to soybeans this year, for your summer crop, then plant a fall crop and go back to soybeans within 2 years, the inoculant/bacteria is still in the soil, so the need to re-inoculate is really not required.