Indoor range

Triple C

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Wife and I built our retirement home in 2020-21. Modern farmhouse on a few acres near the kids n grandkids. The front porch spans 60 ft. When we began excavating for the basement, son asks me if I want to excavate under the front porch instead of backfilling with dirt. Says I could get a shooting range close to 20 yds if I chose to excavate rather than back fill.

Took his advice. Glad I did. Pretty sweet bow range setup. It's pushing 100 degrees this week in NE GA. Nice to be able to shoot indoors out to 20 yds. Been shooting just about every day when I'm home at 12 yds. Can double as indoor golf setup if I ever get the golf bug again which I haven't had for a long, long time.D6059B5B-8D43-4782-98FA-0040B0EF9C65.jpeg