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i can shoot a shotgun and bow very well but a rifle... ugly

I called a local range for lessons. They don't offer them. I don't have an easy place to practice with my 270. The range is $800 to join!!!

I just ordered some snap caps practice blanks from Cabelas

Anyone have any advice for me. Breathing, tripper pull, etc. I think what i am doing is punching the trigger like I do my release on my bow. Also my Tika3 300 WSM has given me a flinch. I have a 270 and I seem to shoot this better
You may be overgunned. Only reason I can think of is recoil. How do you shoot a small caliber rifle? .17, .22, .223?

300 is a bear.

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You own a farm, you don't need to go to a range. ..head to the farm and practice
When I am at the farm in the summer I need to start shooting. Hard to prioritize this over work is the problem. Plus I am normally buzzing at a high frequency when I am up there. Slowing down and concentrating is really hard. I only get up 2-3 times in off season is also a problem

I have a bunch of 22's but hardly ever shoot them. Thinking of buying a nice 07-08 and get something that hardly kicks
Might consider really good hearing protection. I've seen people develope a flinch due to the loud sound of a rifle. Make it quiet and slow down your trigger pull and groups start getting tighter.
Or get a suppressor and take care of both recoil and noise. Practice is the only way to get past a flinch. Use those snap caps and concentrate on your squeeze and sight picture instead of just trying to pull the trigger. 20161105_115810.jpg
Some of best shots I know shoot a .243 because hey handle it better.
I watched my son dump a bunch of deer with an 07-08. Unbelievable. To me it seems like my 300 WSM and 270 whistle the bullets through the deer. He dropped deer better with at 07-08 than I've done with any rifle. I am thinking of selling my 300 WSM and getting one of these

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I'm not a rifle expert. But you could kill a deer at 200-225 w/ a .223 if you hit the right spot.

What are your goals? Do you want a high shoulder shot and drop it in its tracks or are you ok trailing a deer up to 100 yards or so?

Cut my teeth shooting a longbow. I shot a 180fps arrow. Sharp broad head and placement will kill a deer just as dead with a 50# long bow as it would a 300 WSM. Dead is dead.

Lots of foreign hunters use much lighter calibers than most American hunters that travel overseas to hunt the same game.

I'd shoot what you can handle and shoot what is comfortable to practice with.

I bought a .44mag pistol to hunt deer with. It's. it enjoyable enough for me to practice with and therefore I am not a good shot.

Your original question "what do you think of 07-08"? It would do the job just fine. 25-06 is an awful popular whitetail caliber as well. .243, 25-06, and 07-08 are all fairly similar.

You likely are shooting 75-100 grn load with .243, 100-120 grn in 25-06, and 120-140 grn load from an 07-08.

All have killed more deer than everyone on this board combined times 100.

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One other suggestion, Bull. Consider getting a shooting rest for sighting in and practicing. Something like a "lead sled"... takes away about 90-95% recoil and lets you work on trigger pull with a live round.

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Bull, I'd go get a lead sled and shoot your rifles with that until the flinch mitigates. In time, you'll improve. As others have stated, I'd burn some 22 ammo to develop good muscle memory. Just as with your bow or scatter gun, practice and familiarity is key.

I've shot the big mags for years and can shoot them very well. However, as I get older, I've started to appreciate the effectiveness of standard rounds (308, 7mm-08, 270, 30-06). It's nice to know you'll be able to control recoil well enough to watch the bullet impact (much more difficult with heavy kicking rounds).
When I take my daughter shooting with rifles all shots are on the lead sled. Even her 243 which has very little kick. A pair of foam ear plugs plus ear muffs. Gives her lots of confidence when she is hitting the bullseye every time with no felt recoil. O when she makes that shot on the deer there is no trigger panic. She has shot 2 deer and both were perfect placement. It's all about confidence.
Does that suppressor add a bunch of weight?
A suppressor can range in weight depending on the model but a good figure is around a pound (16oz). I don't notice the extra weight but I also don't stalk and do not have to walk too far to my stands. If you put on some miles then I can see where the extra weight would be of concern but the amount of recoil and sound reduction plus in most cases improved accuracy is hard not to love. If you can hunt with one in your state definitely worth your time to go to a dealer who will let you put a round or two through one. Something that I find helpful and helps my kids is shooting a 22 pellet gun. It has a bang, a tad of recoil but can be shot in the back yard for trigger time.
Good luck!
I am a finger shooter and tried a release only for a couple of deer and just didn't find it enjoyable. However the trigger on the bow is intended to be squeezed just like a finger shooter gently released as he pulls back. Then there is the follow thru. The rifle is the same deal. What is perceived to be after the shot counts.

I am not a great rifle shot but I do not usually have any flinching even though I shoot a big gun. How I manage it is by shooting a 22 and a BB gun a lot, a real lot. The BB gun is probably the best;it is cheap and can be done every day at home. And it requires good follow thru. But in addition getting back to the bow; it requires good follow thru and a relaxed release as well. Punching the trigger on a bow which is practiced a lot definitely will carry over to one's rifle shooting. It is surprising you get away with it with the bow.

And wear ear protection when shooting of course as the roar can make it easy to flinch as much as the kick can. Also we shoot heavy weighted guns equipped with muzzlebrakes.
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Have you checked to see what lb trigger you have? If so how much?
Do you have a really good recoil pad on your gun?