I think I need a bigger tractor


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I couldn't resist. The disc and plow for 375.00 now wether the tractor will pull it is another story




Maybe. My New Holland 1920 won't pull one though. 31 hp I think. Stands it up in the front.
I pull a 2 bottom (not set real deep....just enough to turn the dirt over) with my JD790 (roughly 30hp). I have course soil with very little clay and I know that helps. Good luck...... If I set it to go as deep as it can....it's like a parking brake!
After I plowed my old Hay field the first time, the soil has stayed mellow enough to only need the disk each year. The oldest clover plot (3.5yrs) gets sprayed and just disked to switch to corn. Haven't used the plow (3-bottom) in 12 or 13 years.
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The problem with sub compact tractors is not horse power, but can they hook up the power to the ground without spinning the wheels. With turf tires,I'd bet no.
The Leinbach that made that plow is one of my relatives, so it's got to be a good one, just needs a little paint. But, like some of the others, I don't plow anymore. The weeds can be handled by other means
Went up today to bring up my disc and cut the grass. I keep having overheating issues when cutting over an hr with the brush hog. On my 2nd new thermostat. Any suggestions ? Is it possible its too much for this tractor ? Kubota B1550
No new tractor for me. I want to buy a seeder like this Kasco my buddy lent me and it costs almost what I paid for my tractor