I must be honest.

When properly cared for, I've never been able to taste any difference in deer regardless of age. The only difference I've ever found is that larger, older deer (regardless of sex) can be tougher if not properly tenderized. I retrieve deer whole with an ATV or UTV and use a hoist to field dress immediately to get the heat out. I then skin and quarter them. I hang them in a controlled temperature between 32 and 36 degrees. This suppresses any bacterial growth allowing enzymes to break down muscle tissue. For young deer, hanging is just a convenience until we have time to butcher. For older deer, like them to hang them for a minimum of a week and 2 weeks is not too long.

Like some others, most of the red meat we eat is venison. We give a lot away and loin is the primary Christmas dinner for us and friends. When we invite non-hunting folks over, we often hear, "This is the best steak we ever had, where did you buy it?"

We have converted quite a few folks leaning toward the anti-hunting crowd this way.