I can feel it....

Dux, what do you not like about the kuiu gear and what pieces do you have? Looking at some of their stuff for sept elk out west and early bow season here.
I have the 145 Merino Top and bottoms and gloves, Teton soft she'll and pants, I don't really like the fit. It's a little tight for me, as not many features. But its very light and probably the best quality stuff out there. I also have the Teton rain gear, I really like the rain gear. Packable, and very light, will withstand hours of torrential downpour. I know because I've used it in that environment. Use the Kuiu size chart to a T, or it won't fit properly.

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What's your opinion of the temp range for the 145 merino? Have been leaning towards the 145 top and bottom paired with the 210 top and attack pants for a layering system for out west in September.
I bet you can really feel it now...Archery begins tomorrow and the deer are really moving in daylight now. I saw a nice 8 point dead on the road where I took pics of 2 dead bucks a few weeks ago. 1 of my main target bucks was roaming all around our place yesterday morning...3 bucks and 2 does in the backyard when I drove off for work this morning...
Btaylor, haven't working the merinos yet so I don't know yet.

OkieK - I'm ready!

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Crops are coming out now here in the bread basket of the USA so the deer movement has begun to pick up a bit. Had a new 5 x 5 show up on camera in the last couple of days. Granted he probably wont make 140" but he is the biggest I have on camera so far this year.