I can feel it....

Feels good to get back up in the stand doesn't it?! I sat up in one of mine last weekend for no particular reason other than I just wanted to get back up there. Only 18 more days... let the countdown begin!
As always season is sneaking up quickly on me...

Looking forward to it but still have lots to do before then...
We open Sept 15 in the upstate here in SC. We have been open almost a month in the lower but I have only say in the stand twice for short evening hunts. I enjoyed every minute of it even though the deer did not move for me during those times. I am ready for upstate to open and have a day off so I can sit most of the day. Hopefully I can get at least half a day on Sunday.
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Tomorrow I will have a month until the season opens here. My stands are up, we just need some rain so that i can get plots in.
October 15th in Alabama?

We get to start flinging sticks at deer on October 1st :D Of course I have only killed deer on the first day when I was hunting does except for many years ago when our season opened on the 6th of October I killed a really nice 11 point with my BW recurve that was still in a summer pattern...
pecan archer, what kind of stand is that? Looks more sturdy....

Ol' Man Ladder, I think it's called the Bowlite. Love the stand. Comes with two ratchets up top. Big platform that goes all the way back to the tree. It is very sturdy but the only drawback would be it is a little small.

I have 4 of them. They are easy for me to hang by myself so I won't buy anything else right now. I think they go for around $110-$125.

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Already open here in NJ. Last weekend. Runs until about Valentine's day. NJ has plenty of down sides, but bow hunting season isn't one of them. And they're giving us a week of bear this year for a first time also
I will be out in the Oklahoma woods on 10/1. Got up in my climber a few weeks ago to just observe. Only got about 10' up because I was lazy. Had two does walk right up to me and look right at me -kind of a Hey, you're not supposed to be there look. Total I saw 17 deer that night which is unusual.
I've been ready for a mo to hit my woods in wagoner! Now this weather today has really done me in! Almost went on a pig hunt this afternoon, but decided to stay out of the woods till the 1st.

Hey Pecan,

How do you like that sitka gear for the deer woods. Got some Kuiu gear but not super pleased. Been looking at the new woods camouflage pattern

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I have used Sitka for 4 seasons now. Mostly to temps down to lows in the 50s. I don't have any of their heavier cold weather gear.

I have been very pleased with it. The fit is snug on shirts which is nice for bow hunting. They really think of pocket placement too. Keeps movement to a minimum.

Quality is exceptional. I've had most of my gear for three years or longer and it's all in good condition. I hunt on average 3-4 hunts a week from Oct 1-Jan 15 so they see a lot of use.

I would say my base layers and my second layer shirt has a couple seasons left at least. Everything else is in great shape.

It's dang expensive. Most of it was bought before I had kids lol. But it certainly fits well for the bow hunter and is very comfortable.

I don't worry too much about any camo to be honest. I haven't had issues with Sitkas version.

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Dux, what do you not like about the kuiu gear and what pieces do you have? Looking at some of their stuff for sept elk out west and early bow season here.