How to pick a new area


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So I'm interested in hunting an area out of state, public land. How would you go about choosing an area that you've never seen or been to? Obviously, being in another state you can't exactly scout it before you go. Or, is the idea just completely ridiculous?
It’s gotta be pretty easy now with the inter webs and all. I drove from Michigan to Arkansas back in the 90’s to do a late season hunt after seasons closed up there. All I had was magazines and a telephone to call Arkansas wildlife. Turned out to be a great hunt and adventure.

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I'd actually start with the state wildlife agency. Years ago, my wife talked me into taking her to Maui with friends. I arranged an axis bowhunt while I was there. The glitch that would have nixed my hunt if I had not checked ahead with Hawaii, was Hunter Education. Although I'm a hunter ed instructor myself, and all states honor the certificates of other states, there was a process.

I had to mail in a copy of my Hunter Education certificate and some other documentation for the state to validate. It took them 2 weeks and then sent me a validation letter that I could use to purchase a license. Had I not done my homework ahead of time, I would have been disappointed when I arrived and could not buy a license.

I also thing state wildlife agency biologists can be a good resource for "where to hunt". These guys have a finger on the pulse of game populations across their state.

One more consideration is emerging regulations. I know there are new rules in our state concerning areas where CWD has been found. There are issues transporting game out of CWD areas. So, be sure you understand the regulations in the state you will visit and come prepared for issues like this.