Homemade ozone closet


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Wanted to share this homeade ozone unit i put together for less than $100. Works great!

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I've used tubs in the past but now I just use garbage bags. Clothes that I need for the conditions of the day go from the dry-line to the garbage bag and then I stick the hose from my O2 unit in the bag. I fluff it a couple times to dispense the O2 while the machine runs. What I like about that method is the bag goes right to my truck, and then I'm off to the parking area to get dressed. The bags take a lot less space in the truck and I use them to stuff contaminated clothes after the hunt. So each time I treat my clothes, I'm also refreshing the bag.
Bags are also nice for short-term seat covers. I don't like showering at home and then sitting on an upholstered truck seat on the 15 min drive to the hunt. I'm sure my seats would stink to a deer's nose. No sense sitting a clean body on a dirty seat.
I bought these a couple weeks ago. $70 shipped to my door. Hopefully it works. I have used the ozone machine and it definitely puts out some ozone.


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