2023 Shed Antler Thread

Nice I haven't looked yet as 95% of mine are still carrying

We have plenty carrying, but I saw this buck with one antler a week and a half ago. Thought he was worth going in for. . This is that one antler. No luck on the match

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The 4 points are 68+. Right at 70 with the sticker. Big frame.

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So little man found this one a while back. A buck we had on camera during the rut and never again until the night he shed this antler.

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7-1/2 miles today. Having places to shed hunt that I can’t hunt is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because nobody else can hunt there either and it gives the bucks a chance to get old. And big! It’s a curse because once in a while you find a shed and wonder what it would be like to hunt him the following year knowing it can never happen….

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Want to hunt the property? Do what I did. Buy it. I had a neighbor who owned 100 acres of land across the road from me. He wouldn't allow me to hunt there but we were somewhat friends. I caught word he was having financial problems so I approached him about buying the land. We worked up a deal and three days later we had the closing on the property. When we left the lawyers office he remarked this was a win win for him. I asked him, "How's that"? He said, "It was my land and I got paid for it but I can still hunt there". I looked at him and told him, "If I catch you on there, and I will, I'll have you arrested". Those were the last words we ever spoke to each other. He moved a couple states away and I haven't seen him since.
What comes around goes around.
. I wish it were that easy. This is a cattle ranch of about 3,000 acres. Legacy ground you might say. Great people. And as I said, sometimes it’s nice to know there are places a deer can grow old. Another example from this morning. Probably pushing B&C. Wish it were sheds though….

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That’s a great one, but agree that it would have been much better to find its sheds

I found this one Sunday, not near as impressive!

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Probably more! That is super cool! Anyone can see the big ones. How the heck did you find that?

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That is a haul!
I was just checking food plots for sheds and stumbled across it

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