Highlighting areas on aerial photo


I need to highlight some areas on an aerial photo of my property. I've used the polygon function on google earth before but it wasn't easy. What's the best easiest way to do it? I'm needs to highlight areas of cedar/brush growth in an old field we are going to turn into a native grass area to send to our regional biologist. Thanks.
I use Snipping Tool, found in most newer versions of windows. Bring up the aerial in google earth. Activate snipping tool to create a picture. Then snipping tool has some methods of drawing and identifying areas in outline color of your choice. Then you can save the picture.
You can always save the pic from Google Earth then open it up in any photo editing program. I downloaded a free photo editing app for cnet.com
In Windows, use the Snipping tool to take a screen shot of the satellite view and save it to your picture file. Open the picture in your file, then right click on it and select "Open with - "Paint". Use Paint to outline the section you want then save the modified file. I've attempted to show the steps in the picture below. When working in Paint, if you draw something you're not happy with, use the Ctrl Z to delete the last action.