Hey Native.....Get Your Two-man Sharpened


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Steve, it Rained all day yesterday nixing my chainsaw plans so in my boredom I ran across this video that thought might interest you with the chainsaw at about the 10 min mark.
Yes Sir, we can do this together. But, I get the handlebar end.....:D

PS - That looks just like mine. Guy who worked on it couldn't get it to running. Said he needed a diaphragm for the carb....
Watched the vid but not sure I could bring myself to grab ahold of the handle at end of chain bar.
When I was trying to mine running, I said something to my dad about it. He said he hoped he never saw it run again. When he was a child, he had to use it and hold the bar end...............
I agree, it’s good nostalgia but, running something like that is not in the best interest of the operator.
Makes my kahoonas tighten just watching video. Not real sure it’s ever purpose. I’ve seen trees dropped much larger dbh than that one with a long bar chainsaw.
Most now days use a boar cut on larger trees. Safer method.
I’ll do my annual trip tomorrow to Woodchopping Festival event of which I’ve posted pics on here before. Now those guys can work a saw or axe or crosscut.

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