How is Covid 19 affecting your livelihood?

Okie, I actually believe I’ve already had it. Not everyone gets the “symptoms “ as first advertised by the “experts”. I watched Trump talk to several folks who had tested positive and heard them describing their symptoms. One guy exactly mirrored my symptoms from one week in late February or early March. It just felt like the worst cold I ever had. About three or four days in I remembered I had some Zicam and used it twice a day. In two days I felt as good as a 73 year old guy ever feels. (Didn’t help my shoulders or knees one damn bit though):D

there’s so much testing going on here in NY now it will only be a matter of weeks before every one knows if they’ve had it or not. In Buffalo the WellCare/Urgent care sites are now offering both the RNA and the antibody test. 7 days a week no appointment or referral needed. The County health dept is going to start doing this also they already dropped the requirement for doctor approval. Just show up.
I just bought some Zicam. It was the first time I’ve seen it available in over a month so I grabbed it.
I spent the last week in South Dakota with my lovely wife. I traveled through 4 states without issue other than having to use drive throughs for food. The Reservation where she works has not had a single case of Covid. I got home Thursday night and Friday night was our church group night that we host here at our home. Our group is small and everyone came and we had a great meeting. One of our local outlaw drag strips decided enough was enough and had a test n tune day yesterday. I went and I guess everyone that had a race car within 400 miles did as well. I bet there were over 1000 people there and not 1 glove or face mask did I see. It was like the good old days. Today I did a gravel and top soil job with my tractor for a nice couple. Everything turned out great! I bid a job this evening for clearing and smoothing 2 acres with the dozer. Hairdressers and barbers opened up Friday and everything except bars, casinos and schools opens up May 1st. I am enjoying living like the good old days...
Pics of what I have been doing...because this is my livelihood...










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