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Interesting story about the buck that covered 200 miles during Missouri rut. Seemed to be on the move every day, averaging 8.5 miles per day. Kind of crazy to think about. No wonder so many people talk about the buck their hunting up and vanishing. This guy was doing that on a daily basis it sounds like. Also helps explain new bucks showing up that you never saw before, although this example is obviously an extreme case. Also may indicate some bucks don't take pressure well at all as the article indicates. Seemed to move to new locations daily.
Yes, that's why it pays to have a good, oversized doe factory. He wasn't out there looking for tourist attractions. If he finds what he is looking for, there is no need to be like Willie Nelson and on the road again.....;)
I guess it gives me hope on rut years when my trail cameras are devoid of mature buck activity, one could always meander by. I hate hunting by the “ya never know” mantra, but it’s better than setting at home.

What would be more interesting would be answering the question of how far will a mature deer move or relocate in early or late season to take advantage of changing food sources. I normally have good food late, but I won’t have random bucks show up, I always have their picture at some point in the past. Most of the time the same bucks make that food source their home until it’s gone.

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Interesting Read. Most of us have been taught that the Range of an Adult Whitetail is approx 1-Sq Mile.

Shows just how little we actually know.