grow aquarium


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My dad got is getting rid of his 75 gallon aquarium - my goal is to turn it into a grow tank.

1. What are the best soil type holders to put in bottom?
2. What type of lights do I need to grow stuff in there?
3. How far should the lights be from the seeds?

Sorry i am a total rookie, and any tips will be appreciated.


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What are you planning on growing? The aquarium lights should work. Is your grow tank going to be inside or are you going to add a drain?


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I use t5ho light systems on all my aquariums for my pets. You get the most amounts of efficient light without the heat IMO plus there are tons of kelvin spectrums to choose from for bulbs. Find a good grow bulb and a few other spectrums depending on many bulb fixtures you have and set them just above the plants.


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What are you planning on planting/growing? I have lots of empty aquarium/terrariums in my classroom that could be put to use.