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Hello all, been follower of the forum for year or two, but never actually signed up.

From Central WI, whitetails and turkeys are what i enjoy chasing. My father, uncle, and myself have a 240 acre family farm/woods that has been passed down since 1800s, so we take a lot of pride in giving back to the land, we don't farm anymore just cash crop. So every year we are doing something to improve habitat

Some notable specialties of my own are we have an fairly large apple orchard so knowledge in that realm, honey bees we use them for pollination, but also part of giving back to nature we try to provide habitat for not only deer but all species best we can and has actually become very rewarding hobby. Not a carpenter, but have some extensive experience building about anything. Food plots, we were doing food plots before they were ever a fad and feel like i've tried about every seed type known. Finally, i'm a CPA specializing in international taxation ha so if you need some tax advice don't mind helping my fellow comrades!

Geek to Whitetail Freak i cover it all. glad to be a member
Welcome. Sounds like you are pretty well rounded and will be a wonderful addition to the community. Lots of fruit tree questions and knowledge here.