Great day at camp!


My son started yesterdays morning hunt off right with taking his biggest buck to date. Him and his buddy got to see what hunting the rut is all about as they watched as this buck was locked on a hot doe, which he chased around and bred, then raked on a tree. Gage missed his first shot, but hit him with the second at which time ran a short distance and crashed.
Later on we all loaded up and went to meet TP who gave us a great tour of his place, and then stayed and hunted the evening where Gage and Daniel where covered up in deer, while Emma and I only saw a few. Seeing Gage get this one all on his own, and the excitement that came with it, makes all the blood, sweat and tears of plotting/managing worth every bit of it!


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Great story Gage! A day you, your son and his buddy will never forget. I remember like it was yesterday the 1st buck both of my sons harvested. You'll be smiling about this day for years and years to come. T.P.'s (whiskeybent), place is pretty awesome don't you think? That guy can build some serious implements.