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Had worked out a Weekend to go to the Property to fix Plots, Cut Trees and Limbs, Check Cams, ETC.

Hurricane change that.

So worked out THIS weekend to be able to stay 3-4 days to get everything done and was 5 hours into the 5 1/2 hour drive when I got a Call from the Hospital where my Wife works. I had no idea why but I answered it.

My Wife was going to a Biketoberfest Event with a Friend of hers from Work and was in a Motorcycle Accident. Hit sand coming into an Exit off of the Highway and that's all she knows. Friend says she and the Bike flipped over several times.

So I turned around and headed back home. Got back here just as she was getting released from the Hospital. Some Road Rash. Concussion. Badly stove up and whole body hurting but Alive and nothing Broke. She was wearing a helmet. Face shield is broked off of one side and scratches on many places.

Thank God for that!

My two Daughters were at the Hospital with her and her Friend stayed with her the entire time.

I got the Trailer unloaded just as they got home.

Then to TOP IT ALL OFF Our House Fire Alarms went off in the early morning!!! Chased that down to make sure there was NO FIRE inside or on the roof, and then started chasing the Alarms and found ONE that was flashing RED. Disconnected that one and ALL SHUT OFF. Must of just went bad, had to replace another one back 3-4 years ago that also went bad. So NO FIRE!!

Way to much excitement for one day, and I still got to get back up there somehow in the next week or it will be to late.

Last night around 8:00 she started telling me it felt like her Neck on the Left Side was swelling and the overall pain was getting worse. I told her let's give it an hour and if it is getting worse I will take you to the ER.

Right before that hour was up I checked on her and she said it was getting worse, so off to the ER we went. Long story short she is in the Hospital now and I just woke up after getting back home some time after 2:00 am.

Just spoke with her and she said she is still sore and hurting. They are going to do some MRI's this morning. She is at the Hospital where she works and not the (joke of a place) where they took her. It does not have a real good Reputation. They did not even give her any Meds to bring home with her.

and Okie you are right, sorry if that didn't come across in the first post. She keeps saying "sorry I ruined your plans, I keep telling her no reason to be sorry- your more important to me than anything else".
Wow glad she’s ok. Never know what a day might hold. Hope they find out source of her neck pain and she heals well!!

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Home again.
Been at the Hospital most of the day.

Bruises are starting to really show up now.

Her low back and hips hurt so bad when she moves she almost can’t take it.

MRI of her lumbar was taken. Shows pinching and bulges all along it, but not more than a “normal 50+ person could show” so they are not over worried about it. Thinks it is more Swelling pinching the nerves at this point.

Neck Swelling is believed to be from where her helmet (full with face shield) was hitting her on the sides of her neck.

They think it is the 2-3 days AFTER syndrome. I can attest to that does happen. If I over do it I could be fine that night but boy 2 days after I am going to be hurting.

Staying overnight again for Pain Managment. See how she’s doing tomorrow.

I told her that my PT once told me that when we have a body injury it is it’s natural defense to “lock everything up to protect itself “.

She said we have to teach our bodies it’s OK to move again.

So she tried moving more own her own before I left. I still was there to help her if needed.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Well Boys it ain't getting any better.

Mama is still in the Hospital. They were talking about releasing her on Nov 2 with At Home Care and then Yesterday she started passing out. Over and Over Again.

Started just before I got there. Imagine walking down the hall to your wife's room and overhear the Nurse in the hall on her Computer and Phone saying her name. Then you open the Door to hear the Nurse in the Room saying "come back Jeanne, come back to us" and your first look is the Nurse rubbing her sternum and your wife lying limp as can be.

I asked what is going on here? and the Nurse told me that she went to the Bathroom and on the way back passed out. And has been passing out ever since. Like 20 times in an HOUR passing out.

I stayed until I had to go to get a Tooth Pulled and came back. Before I left I was helping to get her back and she seemed to responding better to my voice. The 20 up to when I got there, 8 while on the way and back from a CT Scan, about 10 More before the Dr came back in. Her OT said flat out that in her opinion she needed to go back upstairs to Acute Care, she wasn't ready to go home and I agreed. How could I let her go home knowing that at any moment she could go total limp and be gone for sometimes what felt like minutes. The Dr disagreed and said the CT was negative so she should stay.

Got a call this morning that she started passing out again last night and they moved her. I will be back there shortly to see if they have any idea wth is causing this.

Some things are more important than Deer Hunting.
Thanks Guys.

Yesterday EVERYTHING took a turn for the Better!

One of the Best Drs in the area and one of the Head Drs of the Hospital and REALLY likes my wife (she is a Charge Nurse there) found out she was there and Took Over her care.

He came in and asked lots of questions and answered all of mine. At one point he asked the Nurse how many times she passed out yesterday, she looked at her notes and said 2. I said oh no way more than that, and told him exactly what happened.

He told us there are Only 3 Things that can cause what is happening.

1 Her Heart. Doesn't believe is it.

2 Her Brain is "off line" electrically and there is Charges shocking her Brain.

3 Her Brain is healing slower than the rest of her Body. If this is the case, there is nothing but TIME that will help.

He is running a few tests that will prove or disprove which it is. Very thankful he took over.
Looks like they have finally worked it all out.

Moma is set to come home later today-- with Home Health Care. All but 1 Dr has signed off on it and he said when he sees her today, if all is still good, He will as well.
Looks like they have finally worked it all out.

Moma is set to come home later today-- with Home Health Care. All but 1 Dr has signed off on it and he said when he sees her today, if all is still good, He will as well.

Good news !
Man glad she coming home. Being a bike rider I know crap happens. Hope she continues to do well. Prayers!!

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She is HOME!

But we got a long row to hoe yet I feel. She still is getting dizzy sometimes, Light is still having a Major Effects on her eyes. Honestly the Drs would not of allowed her to come home IF she wasn't a Nurse.

As I was typing this the Home Health Care Company called and set up to be here tomorrow. That is good news.