Grazed deer


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My father hit a doe with the muzzleloader roughly 2 weeks ago. He said it dropped, pushed itself 25 yards and while he was reloading it disappeared. It must have gotten up and ran off. The sparse and short blood trail indicated exactly what he said he saw. This picture I got last night, I believe, shows a grazed doe. The only picture I have gotten of her since. What are your thoughts, a leaf falling at the exact time of the picture or a wound from a bullet? B254FCEE-4C7D-4D34-901B-EF5340331D6E.jpeg
I think a wound from 2 weeks ago would be nasty looking. She looks clean to me. At least on that side.
Looks like an oak leaf.

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I guess I was seeing what I wanted to see. We searched that evening and the following morning for 3 hours. We took my mothers lab too. But we found no blood and no additional sign.
Looks like she was grazed over the top of the back. If that's the case, she will easily survive that, but you probably have a very educated doe now. Those can present their own challenges, as they start blowing at the first wiff of anything unfamiliar.