Grain Drill that’s Too Big


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On our local online auction site there is a 30’ Great Plains Solid Stand no till drill for sale. It is entirely too big for anything I would need, and we don’t have anything big enough to pull it, but it is 3 10’ sections. Anyone who might know, could the outer 2 sections be removed so only the center 10 feet can be used? It is old, but is currently less than $1,000. Between the 3 sections a guy could potentially make a good small drill? Thoughts?

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What a dumb idea. . After looking at it, the whole thing is built around a frame that is huge. Not a simple task. Please disregard and Admin feel free to delete the post.

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I bought a great plains solid stand 14,3pt. was going to cut it down and make a 7ft 3pt but don't know yet if the tractor tires will clear the drive wheel.What size are you looking for?Theres some on purple wave.
That’s where I was looking. The 30’ on there is 3 sections. Was wondering if the 2 wings could be chopped off leaving the center 10’ as a pull behind with plenty of spare parts from the other 2. But the frame looks huge! We have an old JD 3010 and 3020 here. Nothing too big and after thinking about it, it just seems oversized.

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But Riley, KS is about 30 minutes from me…

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auctiontime under grain drills usually has some in kansas also,That Kasco vari slice might make a good one for smaller tractor.I still use my 4ft Kasco sometimes
I looked at that. Fredonia? I wonder how well it performs as a no-till.

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Make sure it is double disk,where it has 2 disc angled together and the seed falls down in the slot they cut and packing wheel covers seed