Good couple of days


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Last Friday:


This morning:


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Awesome! Tis that season. I'll be going tomorrow through Saturday and then again a few times next week. Shot two drake gadwalls this past weekend with everything completely frozen over.
I can’t pretend to be some kind of great duck hunter. These birds are released mallards in an impoundment owned by the South Carolina Waterfowl Association. They don’t act like the usual tamies (they are blind shy), but they certainly ain’t wild.

Usually very few tamies are shot in this spot. It’s very common to get a limit of wild ringnecks, bluebills, redheads, etc, but they haven’t shown up this year yet.
We are loaded up with divers this year (mainly bluebills and canvasbacks). Been here for a couple of weeks already but they normally don't show up until around Christmas.