Yeah, Tap, I think you also have wingstem there. It also has yellow flowers, similar to both crownbeard and JA.
True ironweeds have purple flowers. Regionally, some might refer to wingstem as ironweed or yellow ironweed but it is not an ironweed. The only two plants I know of that have that winged stem are crownbeard (verbisina occidentalis) and wingstem(verbisina alterniflora). Both have yellow daisy-like flowers similar to wild sunflowers which JA actually is.. Confusing, I know.....

By golly, you guys are correct...I do have wingstem. I guess I made the false ID from the flowers. Regardless of what it is, I don't like the stuff. Its aggressive and it spreads.

Sorry if I'm jacking your thread weekender 21. But I guess what I learned here also applies to you. Good luck controlling the stuff.
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I know of 6 different true ironweeds myself, and there are likely more. I've never really looked to see how many have been identified. I agree that the term "yellow ironweed" is really a misnomer.

The yellow wingstem grows pretty strong in my fence row at home, but have never seen it on the farm, I've seen crownbeard only at a couple of places in my life - usually in flat, shady areas up from the creek banks quite a ways.