Glasses fogging up! Better breathing balaclava???


Hey everyone:

My son and I are hunting in a couple ground blinds this year. So I’ve scored some all black clothing for our upper bodies, which includes a couple black balaclavas. But with both these and our camo ones we wore last year, our glasses fog up like crazy. I’ve tried several of the products for your glasses, as well as some of the homemade tricks like dish soap and they still fog up.

So now I’m kind of wondering about getting a better balaclava that’s setup for breathability, but most of them are made for biking or motorcycle racing. And most of the reviews are not good as far as them being helpful with fogging.

What have all the rest of you done to fight this problem? It’s super annoying....


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I am cursed with this as well. The only thing I can find that works is either keep it below your Nose (lets the air escape) or cut a hole in it for your nose.
No solution here either, but the same problem. I gave up and switched to a hat and neck gaiter combo
I get that problem when driving the tractor in this colder weather; the glasses are absolutely needed to keep my eyes from "burning". Like Deadeye said the only thing I have found to work is to keep the face mask part below my nose; put it over my nose for just one second and it is instant fog-up.
The ultimate fix is lasik surgery (best money I ever spent). Short of that, I’d recommend two tricks: pull your mask down so it doesn’t cover your moth until something’s coming in, and when it’s up, exhale through your mouth. Yea, I know it’s a pain.