Giant from NE PA and supposedly from non-fenced private land


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A buddy of mine just sent this to me. He said it came into a local butcher and the guy said he took it on his free ranging private land in the NE PA.
Now I know there are always a few that manage to evade every hunter and grow, but I am skeptical about this one.
If the story said it came from around a metro suburb in PA or SW PA or NW PA near the Ohio border I would find it easier to believe.
I'm thinking high fence from PA, but if not, then it has to be a buck that makes a magazine cover.
Having spent a lot of time hunting in the Pocono's in my younger years, I have to call BS on the claims. I have never seen or heard of anything with that kind of genetics in that area. High fence might be a possibility, but I never knew of any such compounds in the NE area. That was along time ago though. It is still one heck of a deer.
Yea I think we all been around the track enough to know the real story here. But I do see one of my typical trophies hanging in the background. LOL