Getting ready for 2018

was thinking about grafting and the temperatures now i live in south east NC last Christmas it was around 80 dg i cut some scions in feb. had about 50% on my pear trees on dec. 22 i got my order from wildlife group 4 crab apples all Dozier and one pear ms Laneene got them planted on dec. 27 the roots look great on the trees
last spring i got 4 trees from Hallmans farms r crab apples 2 pears all 4 mad it through the first year this year its cold for us here teens at night and 30s in the day for today they say 2-3 ins. of snow last time we got 5 in. they closed the schools for 4 days had to go to VA to get snow plows i think thats funny from a south west PA boy come on spring