Ga primative weapons season is here


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Georgia has an archery only season that lasts about 5 weeks, that ended today at dark. Tomorrow archery is still legal but muzzle loaders will be legal for 1 week through next Friday. Also youth under 16 can use center fire guns during the week.

I hope to be out there for at least one sitting during all 7 days with my 50 Caliber CVA. Good luck to all the other Georgia hunters during this special early week of gun hunting. :)
Our muzzie season used to be called primitive weapons season as well but now with inlines, scopes, smokeless or black powder, and 209 primers they switched it to just "muzzleloader season". Our TC muzzleloaders are definitely as accurate as our deer rifles to past 150 yards and a super long shot for us where we hunt is about 75 yards...