Fruit Tree Spraying


Here are the photos, although not great quality, of the apple trees most affected by cedar apple rust. The first photo is of a Goldrush with a Honeycrisp and cedar trees in the background. The second photo is of the Honeycrisp tree and you can see the cedars in the backdrop. These are third leaf apple trees. The first year the CAR was so bad I thought the trees were dying. The second year these trees were much improved and this year CAR is barely noticable. The lighter color leaves are where the sun is shining on them at sunset but both these trees, and all the rest of the fruit trees on the farm, are gaining immunity against CAR as they age. I don't plan on spraying these trees, other than a dormant oil spray in late winter, next year or after, as I believe they have gained enough immunity to fend for themselves.


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