Fortieth Wedding Anniversary


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Well folks, my wife and I made it to forty years today ! My daughter and her family came in from West Texas and my other kids were there also, as well as my best friend and his wife. We didn’t have any fancy party, just ate at the local home cookin’ restaraunt.

I bought my wife a birthstone necklace a few months before we got married in Williston, ND in ‘82 and she lost it in Dodge City, Kansas several years later while we were vacationing. Last night I replaced it (as best I could) and she replaced my wedding band that I lost while gutting a deer a couple years ago. It was a good night !8775F38B-8DE8-4402-8CF2-A02072FA5621.jpeg 529C448D-95A9-4350-82B3-F778E8E95A49.jpeg
Congratulations! That is an awesome milestone well worth celebrating, I'm so happy for the two of you. I hope that you two have many more happy years together alongside your children. My wife and I are several months away from celebrating 30 years together and it's been a great time.
This is the two of us last winter in front of the Georgia Guidestones. The stones got blown up just recently.
Drycreek - Great milestone along with great pics! Your beautiful bride sure does look a lot younger than you...:)
Congrats. That is awesome and admirable !!
Even if you did rob the cradle!

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