Food plot plant id


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IMG_1552.JPG I planted a little over two acres in cowpeas, sunn hemp, buckwheat and alyce clover mixture. I've planted all those before except alyce clover.
Can someone tell me what the tall plant is in this picture that looks like corn?
It doesn't look anything like any of what I thought those 4 plants look like? Deer are eating it and it's evenly growing all over but I can't figure out this mystery.
Looks like corn to me. I'm guessing there was a mistake with your seeds. Are cow peas, sun hemp, or buckwheat missing from the plot?
It could be johnsongrass......the white rib to it is what makes me lean that way. IF you have no reason to suspect it to be corn or sorghum, I would think it's JG. Especially if you have not planted corn or sorghum there previously or if it wasn't in the mix you planted. I am so fearful of JG on my place - if it was mine - I would spray the plot with cleth now......but I don;t take changes with JG any more.