Florida Hunting is OPEN


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Archery has started in South Florida.

For those that think Florida does not produce Big Bucks, you may want to rethink that opinion.

While not the body size of their Northern Cousins, deer in Florida can grow some horns if given the time.

This is not mine. Pics were taken from a Florida Hunting Page. Buck was passed for two years before taken this year.

Scored 130.



Those smaller bodies make racks look huge. The biggest racked buck I've ever seen in the southeast (and I've seen some BIG ones) was right outside Cottondale, FL, just south of I-10 in Sept. 1997. It was a clean 5x5 typical that would score 180 if it'd score an inch.
I shot a 126 on the coast within a couple hundred yards from the Gulf of Mexico beaches. Nothing but white sand and not a plot for tens of miles. Supposedly the area I was hunting was stocked with Northern deer decades ago. All I know is the bone structure and body weight of the bucks and does I shot in that area were much heavier than the bucks on my hunting lease about an hour from there where our highest score is 97 after 10 years of plotting.
Lot of those stocked in Worth and Colquitt Counties in south Georgia. My dad helped when he was a kid in the 50's. Look at the record books and you can see. Wisconsin deer.
The MSU deer lab podcast has talked about experiments that pretty well debunk the idea that antler and body size is related to origins of restocked animals.
Way back When there was almost no deer left in Pa, my Grandfather told of them bringing in a Buck and 3 Does from Michigan and brought them via Rail into the vast woods behind where his property ended which was locally was called Sulger. Claimed they had a Red Ring on their necks for identification for you not to shoot. They were called Michigan Bullnecks.

Lots of people claimed this never happened, but Grandpa had several Deer Heads mounted that made me believe otherwise.