Flikr photo posting.


After playing around I figured out a way to post photos hosted on flickr. Video works the same way also.

Open Flickr and go to the picture you want to post. Click on share. The share button is an arrow that swooshes to the right. Click on BBCode. Select the size you want to post in the drop-down box. Copy the link that should already be highlighted. Paste the link into your forum post.

I tried to past the link as text but it wanted to show at least one image. The link has to lines of code. Here is the result of the link. The fawn shows how to dry your hair in less than 5 seconds in this video.

Wet Fawn by Eugene McMahon, on Flickr

Upon further review, video is posted as a still image. Clicking on the image takes you to the video in Flickr.