First shed of the year

Charleston Treeman

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Found the first shed of the year while squirrel hunting the lease this weekend. Best part about it is we didn't have a pic of a deer with antlers like this.

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Congrats Treeman - that is a nice shed. My dogs and I hunted 3 hours in the rain on our farm after lunch.

We got a shutout today. Have days like that just as we do hunting.

My dogs worked hard and I got plenty of exercise. Treeman good luck on the finding the matching side.

Got a KY farm about 70 miles north of me and the cams got checked by locals at lunch. Target buck has lost one side and #2 Target Buck has lost both sides.

This coming Saturday the locals, me and the boys (Scotty and Perry) are going to hunt them up. I have seen photos of these bucks and we are highly motivated. Two other farms - they are still holding.

My friends in Ohio are wearing it out.

Well I was wrong. It looks like we got him on camera after all. Only had to go through about 80000 pics but found 2 of him working a scrape.

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