Field Tuff 60" 3-point crop seeder?

Haven't seen one but specs look nice,being able to shut slots when wanted to space out crops such as corn and beans would be nice.I wish my Kasco versa drill did that
There is one close to me, but they didn't have any at the store. Interested to hear if anyone has experience with them.
There was guy on "that closed down forum" that was given it good remarks but I can't remember his name and if he made it over here, believe he was from Wisconsin.

I've been trying to find all the reviews I can for the last year on the seeder but they are few.
Yeah, I couldn't even find a Field Tuff website so I would imagine that it's made overseas somewhere. That doesn't bode well for customer service if something breaks.
It is made in China but you can order parts from the manufacturer. You can also order it from Northern Tool but it is a little more expensive. If you have a Northern Tool close by then you can get free shipping to the store. Otherwise shipping is around 300 bucks. Looks like a nice piece of equipment.