Field Dressing Question - Bladder contents?


Ok, so as many of you know, I'm going on my first hunt in a few weeks (IL gun, alone). I've read and watched a bunch of videos about field dressing and talked a little with some friends who have been hunting for years.

I kept seeing the Butt Out tool every where I went, so I did a little research on it and it seems like it's a nifty idea for managing the feces and eliminates the need to hack through the pelvic bone. Cool. Got one in the toolbox.

However, I'm a little fuzzy on managing the urine in the bladder. So if the first thing you do is run the butt out tool through its process, then you open the gut and chest cavity, don't you at some point have to sever and pinch off the urinary system somewhere between the bladder and the mommy or daddy bits? No one seems to mention this anywhere and I guess don't follow what keeps the bladder from emptying inside the animal as you're pulling everything out. What am I missing?


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No need to worry about the bladder, unless you have a hot doe. I also don't use a butt out tool. I can cut around a bucks anus and a doe's anus and vagina faster than you can shove a butt out tool in, pull out the goods, and then untwist it. I also don't cut the pelvic bone. Of course, I have field dressed a few deer in my time on earth.
I cant comment on the butt out tool as I have never used one. However, I do have a little saw that I bought a long time ago that has about 2" of bone saw blade between a "bumper" and a T handle. It works very well for splitting the breast bone and then the pelvic bone in just a few seconds. Doing this makes cutting any interior plumbing unnecessary.
I have friends that swear by the butt tool and you will prob like it. I don’t use one. I just force the hind legs apart and like said cut anus and plumbing. I can gut a deer in just 2 minutes n the field but I’ve done a bunch.
Couple things. When gutting keep eye out for fractured bone from shot and possibly broad head from poor shot by another hunter. I wear gloves these days but a cut while dealing with blood and fecal matter not good. Before you gut your deer take moment to run your hands across the body that just gave its life for you. Reflect on the moment and how lucky you are then cut away.
Side story. Knew first time hunter when killed his first deer began to do as he had been told , grabbed the balls to cut off. Deer still alive,kicked and he went to hospital for a few dozen stitches on his shin. Was not pretty. Lol. Make sure it’s dead, I’ve been fooled at first glance. Good luck.

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I also have never used a butt out tool but have heard they are useful tools. I have used a hack saw, sawzall and hatchet/hammer to break or cut the pelvic bone. I've usually gut the animal without breaking the pelvic bone. My ONLY reason for breaking or cutting the bone is to separate the two hind quarters for placing in a cooler/refrigerator. It is not necessary for gutting.
When I gut a deer I leave the bladder and 10-12 " of the intestine attached initially while the rest of the guts are removed. I leave it in the carcass until I get home where I can sawzall the pelvis and have better access to it. The bladder does not leak all over the carcass unless of course you puncture it. Don't puncture it!
The bladder is held in place by connective tissue and a thin layer of fat. When I have the pelvic bone separated I take a fillet knife and simply fillet out the bladder releasing it from the bone. Discard it or keep it for scent attraction.
I will also caution on approaching a downed deer. My first nice buck I was so excited I ran up to it too fast. It dropped in it's tracks, and it's eyes where open, but I walked up and grabbed the antler and the deer pulled away form me. I just about shit my pants! I jumped back and starting shooting all in one motion.....I was shooting from the hip at about 6 feet and never did hit the deer! He died from fright!!!! I did walk up from behind to avoid being kicked, but that was by chance.

I gut at the house with just a knife.....any mess is quickly cleaned up/off with a hose within arms reach.....not the environment you will be working in. It will help if you can put the deer on a slight slope the it's head up-hill and it's butt down hill.....not a mountain, a gentle slope. This will help the blood and the like run away from where you are working. Straddle the deer or work off to one side or the other (the area between the rear legs is where the mess will be so don't stand there if you can avoid it. You don't have to gut on sight makes the drag much easier, but don't feel like you have to gut it in the field. If you choose to get it back to the main road or the like if there are other hunters around (you said public ground) they tend to be very efficient and helpful if you ask for help. Bring a container of wipes and or a rag and a bottle or two of water to clean yourself up afterwards as well - leave them at the vehicle.

I have seen folks leave the bladder and butt in the deer before as well and then deal with it later.....
Butt out tool could be the greatest hunting invention ever. Do you need one, no, but it makes the job so much easier. For $10 you can't go wrong. Guys not using one probably still have flip phones and dial up(sorry couldn't resist). I leave the bladder in over night. It just seems easier to remove on the bed of truck or hanging after it has dried out. I have punctured a few in my day as well, if you do no worries just rinse out the cavity well. I do like your confidence and preparation for your first hunt. It would be better if you were with guys that had done it before. They wouldn't help you but would have a blast as you discover the various sights and smells of your first gutting. Mix in a hangover and a gut shot and it is laughs for the ages. Good friends never forget that set up.
Like others I have heard good things about the butt out tool but I myself have not used or own one. I use a gut hook knife to open that chest cavity and a smaller Buck knife to cut out that plumbing around the pelvic bone. I wouldn't worry to much about the bladder unless it is a does in estrus then be extra careful not to nick that bladder or urethra. I have learned from experience not to nick the stomach (CAUTION: Contents under Pressure!) A face full of sprayed stomach contents will make you gag, scream. fart and laugh at the same time.
My first dressing was not pretty but I got er done. Now after dressing many deer I don't even have to think about it I just do it.
Best of luck to you on your first hunt!! Be safe and have fun :)
I "cured" my son of wanting to gut any deer on his first one! :) Now its dads job, which is alright I dont mind. Something nicked the stomach during the shot on the first one he killed. It turned into a gag fest for him when I started gutting it. Every dead deer he has been around since comes with the first comment of "Is this one gonna stink when you cut it open?"

Off topic but in terms of something that down right stinks, is a dead toad that is squished between the window and the casing of a basement window. Just last week I was in the basement and thought good Lord something reeks down here. Seems my son had closed the window unknowingly on a toad. It did have the positive result of him cleaning his room as he was trying to figure out what the ell stunk so bad!
Buy yourself some of those long plastic arm length gloves with the surgical gloves included. Saves looking like the victim instead of the victor.

A long bladed knife , but not a big blade, will let you ream the anus area much better than a short knife will. The butt-out may be the ticket, never used one. I use a gut hook to open them up, another knife to ream the anus. I start at the upper end of the esophagus when pulling the innards out. Cut it as far up as you can, trimming connective tissue as needed. When you get to the heart-lungs you'll have to cut the diaphragm loose from each side of the chest cavity in order to pull them out. The actual "guts" are connected to the backbone area and you'll have to trim or pull them loose. Then, if you've properly reamed it out, all the rest should follow easily. As others noted, be careful when trimming and do not cut guts or bladder. Sounds hard, but it's not, although I'll wager that for the first couple times, you'll be dang near as bloody as the deer. :) Good luck on your hunt !